Hope For Tomorrow, Begins Here Today.

About Our Facility

Our office is a one story handicap accessible building with x-ray, DEXA, and laboratory facilities on site. Ample parking is available.

About Our Co Medical Directors

Dr. Michael Borofsky and Dr. Robert Griffin are the co-medical directors of CRCR.  The physicians have been conducting clinical trials for 20 years and employ four full time nurses and one administrative assistant dedicated solely to research.  The patient can choose any of the physicians listed above to treat them during their study participation.

Our Mission

The Clinical Research Center of Reading is dedicated to the research and development of safe and effective treatments for a variety of diseases.

Clinical research investigational drug studies generally involve a physical examination, laboratory tests and x-rays.

Study Medications and all medical services related to the investigational drug study are provided free of charge plus...compensation may be provided for your time and travel.

Copies of all laboratory and x-ray reports will be forwarded to your primary care physician at your request.

Comments From Our Patients

"The staff is wonderful and informative."


“I entered into the trial with great trepidation because of a lifelong fear of needles.  Both the phlebotomist and the study coordinator went out of their way to help me.  I couldn’t have asked for kinder more caring people. I recommend this clinic to anyone with applicable health issues. Dr. Griffin is also the most caring doctor I’ve ever seen as a patient.”


“I participated in my first clinical trial because I had a lot of pain and my insurance did not cover all medications.  I would not change a thing to make participation better and I did receive relief from pain. “


“The staff is very courteous, kind and professional. “


Benefits from participation are"free medication, blood tests, physical exam and an easier method of taking my medication" (monthly as opposed to weekly).


"The medication has helped and seems to work better than previous medications."


"The facility was a little far for me, but well worth the drive, thank you to all."


"Everyone is always very pleasant, helpful and efficient. My arthritis has benefited from participation."


I was interested in participating "to aid in possibly finding a cure or advancement in treatment of my disease."


"Nothing else was working for my disease"   Benefits achieved: "swelling and pain have decreased and my mobility is better" Areas to improve on ""none, just continue to do trials!"


"You help me feel better"